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Premium Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Starts with Great Cocoa Beans

We offer four varieties of ethically produced, slave-free cocoa beans imported from Nicaragua, specifically for bean-to-bar chocolate makers. Our cocoa beans are pre-sorted, clean, packed in air-tight 5kg (11 lb) plastic bags, and shipped from our US distribution center.

The four varieties represent a range of different flavor profiles suitable for different applications and tastes. They include:

  • Chuno Clasico: interesting complex flavor with hints of lime, orange, orange blossom, olive, nuts, and spices.
  • Tenor: interesting floral notes with hints of red wine, wood, and orange.
  • O’Payo: an organic variety with passion fruit, coffee, pineapple, kiwi, and tannic notes
  • Nicafruity Nicaraguan Premium Blend: a blend with a slightly bitter taste while maintaining deep, rich, nutty notes.


Flavor Profiles

Chuno® Clasico


Chuno cocoa beans are a Trinitario hybrid mainly originating from the Northern Highlands of Nicaragua. They were analyzed by geneticists as possibly being the ancestor of the Criollo trees in Venezuela’s famed valleys of cacao.

This variety has an interesting complex flavor, with hints of lime, orange, orange blossom, olive, nuts, and spices.

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This cocoa bean comes from very old farms in the region of La Dalia. The heirloom trees there are of the highest genetic quality in Nicaragua, and are the ones selected to produce the new fine cocoa trees.

Tenor® cocoa beans reveal interesting floral notes with hints of red wine, wood, and orange.

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O’Payo® variety comes from Waslala, from the Bosawas Nature Reserve in the northern mountains of the country. It is a protected area declared “biosphere reserve” by UNESCO in 1997. It is the biggest rainforest north of the Amazon, and extremely rich in biodiversity.

This variety is described as having passion fruit, coffee, pineapple, kiwi, and tannic notes.

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NicaFruity Nicaraguan Premium Blend

NicaFruity Nicaraguan Premium Blend features fruity notes complied in a collaboration with a local cooperative.

This blend is known for its slightly bitter taste while still maintaining deep, rich, nutty notes.

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Cocoa with a Conscious

Ethically Harvested, Slave-Free Cocoa Beans

Our supplier Ingemann Cocoa has built close relationships with cocoa bean growers to ensure consistently high quality cocoa beans through training, financing, and higher prices to growers. They believe that the quality of the product should benefit all people involved in the supply chain. They guarantee each producer 30-year market access to a higher price than any existing premium.

The Process


Ingemann has traveled the country to look for heirloom fine cocoa trees. All their varieties are Trinitario Acriollados, varieties with a high flavor potential which, processed correctly, will provide some of the finest beans in the world.


More than one million fine cocoa trees have been planted, helping to reforest Nicaragua and mitigate climate change and preserve the fine cocoa sector.


To help our producers get the most of their plantation we train them and give them free technical assistance on plantation and farm management.


The producers harvest, carefully separate the pods per variety, and break open the fruit. Our truck travels to the field weekly, collecting the wet mass at each farm gate directly in the wooden fermentation boxes.


We have developed and adapted post-harvest protocols for each variety. The beans are carefully fermented in wooden boxes placed on cascades. PH and temperature are monitored throughout the process to ensure correct fermentation and develop the best flavors.

Drying & Sorting

The beans are dried on platforms under the sun until they reach 7% humidity. The beans are carefully sorted to discard double, small and flat beans. After this, the beans are stored in a warehouse in jute bags, waiting for export.

Quality Checks

PH of the wet mass, PH of the bean, temperature, humidity level, size of the beans, cut-tests and tastings are some of the quality checks carried out post-harvest. Everything is registered, stored for traceability and shared with you on the Lot Identity Sheet.

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