How to Use Magnetic Transfer Molds

magnetic transfer molds, tomric systems

Molding with magnetic transfer molds and colored cocoa butter transfer sheets is a quick and easy way to create colorful, eye-catching chocolate pieces with a decorative pattern or texture.

What are Magnetic Transfer Molds?

magnetic transfer chocolate mold, tomric systemsMagnetic transfer molds hold colored cocoa butter transfer sheets in place with the help of strong magnets and a stainless steel metal backing.

The molds are open-ended so when a transfer sheet is placed over the bottom of the mold, the transfer sheet’s decorative pattern faces into the mold cavity. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.

What are Cocoa Butter Transfer Sheets?

Cocoa butter transfer sheets are thin sheets of food-safe plastic that have a colorful, decorative pattern applied to them made from colored cocoa butter. When the sheet comes in contact with warm melted chocolate, the pattern melts. As the chocolate in the mold cavity cools to form a solid piece, the pattern transfers to the chocolate.

magnetic transfer molds, tomric systemsMagnetic Transfer Mold Step-by-Step Process

  1. Flip the magnetic mold over, and remove the metal backing. Set aside.
  2. Lay the colored cocoa butter transfer sheet face down onto the magnetic mold. The decorated side of the sheet should be facing into the mold cavity.
  3. Replace the metal backing, which will snap firmly into place with the help of the magnets.
  4. Fill each cavity of the mold with melted, tempered chocolate. Vibrate the mold to remove any air bubbles, then refrigerate until the chocolate is crystallized. TIP: don’t vibrate the mold too long, as it can blur the transfer image (about 4 seconds is long enough).
  5. Once the chocolate is crystallized, remove the metal backing and set aside.
  6. Slowly remove the transfer sheet from the chocolate pieces while they are still in the mold.
  7. Finally, turn the chocolate mold over and gently tap to remove the finished chocolate pieces.

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