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RMCF Convention Presentation

Ginger & Jägermeister Heart


Valrhona Caramelia 1079 g
Valrhona Guanja 120 g
Heavy Cream (38 %) 200 g
Ginger Beer 20 g
Grated Fresh Ginger 5 g
Jägermeister a/n
Pulgra Butter (room temp.) 35 g
Whole Milk 5 g
Dark Chocolate 440 g – will need extra for tempering

Yield – This recipe is designed to make 4 of TI-111


  • Shell the four heart molds using the dark chocolate. Color the cavities with colored cocoa butter prior to shelling, if desired.
  • Place the first two cholates in a bowl and set aside
  • Combine cream, ginger beer and fresh ginger in a heavy gauge sauce pot.
  • Bring cream mixture to soft boil, remove from heat and cover with pot with plastic wrap.
  • Allow cream mixture to steep for 30 minutes.
  • Strain cream mixture to remove ginger.
  • Add milk to return cream weight to 369 grams.
  • Reheat cream mixture and pour over chocolate.
  • Build emulsion with emersion blender adding the Jägermeister and as the ganache comes together.
  • When the ganache cools below 31 C, pipe into heart cavities and allow to rest at room temperature until completely crystalized or set, usually overnight.
  • Cap shells and place mold into cool space (10 C) until the chocolate has crystallized away from the molds.
  • Unmold chocolate.

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About Chef Brian

Brian Donaghy is the Corporate Chocolatier and Innovation Center Director for Tomric Systems of Buffalo, NY. Brian has been with Tomric for over 10 years and is responsible for the coaching and training of Selmi chocolate handling equipment in North America, as well as running the new innovation and teaching space. Brian has done chocolate demonstrations and taught chocolate classes throughout North America and has appeared on Food Network.

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