Custom Sculpting Services

Meeting Our Client’s Needs for Custom Chocolate Molds and Packaging


Our Custom Concepts Program is available when your specific needs can’t be met through our stock or Quick Ship Custom Mold Program.

Working together, we will advise you of your best options. Consider these points when deciding:

  • Usage – What is the end use?
  • Packaging – What type is desired?
  • Quantity – How many will you produce?
  • Deadline – What is your deadline for the delivery of the finished piece?
  • Budget – Consider your customer’s budget per finished piece.


Custom Sculpting Capabilities

custom chocolate mould sculpting - Tomric Systems

Custom Sculpted Chocolate Molds

Our history is steeped in hands-on, traditional methods and techniques of sculpting chocolate molds through the skillful hands of a clay sculptor.

Today, we utilize the latest technologies in digital sculpting software to design highly accurate, detailed chocolate molds that meet the exacting needs of our clients. Software-based design allows to more accurately develop chocolate molds that meet specific size and weight requirements, as well as revise and perfect the designs more quickly and easily.

custom plastic tray package design, tomric systems

Custom Sculpted Chocolate Packaging

With our years of experience, we’ve accumulated the expertise necessary to find creative, cost-effective solutions for nearly any packaging need. We utilize the latest technologies in Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to design highly accurate solutions that then translate seamlessly throughout the rest of the tooling and manufacturing process. Because we make our own tooling and manufacture in our facility, our design team can ensure that the design meets the standards and requirements necessary for accurate, reliable manufacturing.

Learn more about our custom chocolate packaging at

Custom Packaging Examples

In-House Tooling

custom chocolate moulds and packaging, tomric systems

After the design of your project is complete we then develop the tooling, where we utilize our team of expert tool makers, modern equipment and years of experience to build all of the tooling in-house that will be necessary for the manufacturing process.

Because we’re the ones developing the tooling specifically for our own equipment, we’re able to have better control and greater accuracy throughout the process, as well as the flexibility to identify any adjustments, and make them faster than if we were relying on a third party.

  • In-house tooling means better project management
  • Modern tooling equipment – faster & more accurate
  • Team of highly experienced tool making professionals

The Custom Sculpting Process

  • Overview

    This program allows our customers to completely customize the type of mold they are interested in (the sky is the limit). With our custom molds, we can create anything from a simple bar, break up bar, cut to shape, 3D flat or a full 2-piece 3 dimensional mold.

  • What We Ask For

    When customers initially reach out to us, we ask that they provide us with what type of mold they are looking for, approximate dimensions (length x width x depth) as well as any artwork that will help us create their molds for them.

  • Step 1: Our Estimate

    We create a formal quote for you to see the costs associated with creating your projects. The quote will show the overall mold size, how many cavities we can fit per mold, and the thickness of plastic we would use (typically our thickest gauge which is our .080 polycarbonate plastic).

    We the break down your quote into the phases in which we complete your project in:

    Phase 1: Design and 1-Cavity Sample Development
    Phase 2: Final tooling developing
    Phase 3: Mold creation

  • Step 2: Design Proof

    Upon approval of the quote we will proceed to creating a computerized proof, technical drawing and 3D rendering or a full sculpted image of your design.

  • Step 3: Sample

    Upon approval of the design, we will then create a 1-cavity sample for you to test and make sure you like how everything looks as far as the design and size. Once you approve the 1-cavity sample, we will then move forward to your final tooling and mold order.

  • Billing

    For billing, we only bill what has been completed and you are not liable to pay for any of the "Phases" that we did not complete.

  • Timeline

    The overall timeline to complete a custom project (with the approval and shipping processes) is about 4-6 weeks. If needed, we can always expedite the process as well if a project needs urgent attention.

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