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One Shot Technology | Presented by Valrhona

June 04, 2024


About This Class:

Interested in increasing your bonbon and chocolate confection production with a One-Shot Machine? Then this class is for you! L’École Valrhona Brooklyn is partnering with Tomric to bring you this intensive chocolate class focused on using the One-Shot Selmi Tuttuno system to produce chocolate bonbons, bars, and confections using Valrhona chocolate. A One-Shot machine creates filled chocolate products in a single deposit utilizing nozzles and a conveyor belt. This machine is a quick and efficient way to automate and scale your production when operated properly. L’École Valrhona Pastry Chef and One-Shot expert Romain Grzelczyk will share his perspective on how to set up, maintain, and run a One-Shot Selmi Tuttuno machine, and how to adapt your recipes for use in this special machine.​

This class will utilize tempering, One-Shot, and accompanying accessories such as the mold charger, Vibra, and cooling tunnels. As part of the class, you will also explore the different mold options available and how they interact with the machine. Class will also cover the science and technology behind Valrhona chocolates and ingredients used, so you can understand how to balance recipes and improve the texture, taste, and preservation of your bonbons and confections.​

Join us for this unique opportunity to get hands-on experience working with the innovative One-Shot system. Learn all the exclusive functions, and how to properly take care of your investment from the experts at Tomric and Valrhona.​


Tomric Innovation Center

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Buffalo, NY 14207