Proline Piece Mold – Assorted Winter Fun Set (.99oz)

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Product Details

Professional quality thermoformed-proline-polycarbonate flat chocolate mold by Tomric

Assorted Winter Piece Set Chocolate Mold

This mold includes designs that will result in chocolate pieces of various weight. The weight of the heaviest piece is indicated.

Tomric ProLine chocolate molds are flat molds made from heavy gauge, highly durable polycarbonate plastic. They feature superb detail, made possible through our state-of-the-art tooling development, and are similar to the quality found in injection molds, but at a fraction of the price.

ProLine molds are all 275 x 175 mm (10.826″ x 6.889″) to standardize chocolate production for greater efficiency.

**This mold has corresponding tray and box packaging**

Corresponding Tray
Mini Novelty Winter Fun Tray (T-127)

Corresponding Box
Mini Novelty Winter Fun Box (PKG-127)


Technical Information

Pieces Per Mold


Cavity Layout

4 x 2

Piece dimensions (in)

2.75 x 2 x 0.50

Piece dimensions (mm)

70 x 51 x 13

Weight per piece (oz)


Weight per piece (gr)


Mold Dimension (mm)

275 x 175

Mold Dimension (in)

10.826 x 6.889


Made to order: 5 to 7 Days