Mold Loader 175

Item Code: a-1475

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Product Details

Automatic transfer loader for filling, vibrating and leveling polycarbonate molds 11″ x 7″ (275 x 175 mm). The system uses the Top EX tempering device and, with greatly reduced dimensions, performs the same automated operations reserved up to now for traditional industrial lines. There are 4 mold movements and 4 workstations: filling via perforated pouring head, 1st vibrating level, pneumatic surface leveling and 2nd vibrating level. The mold is expelled directly into the cooling tunnel for the subsequent removal of the chocolate.


  • Compatible with the Selmi Top EX
  • Compact design
  • Molds can be filled with an injection plate or directly from the tempering machine

Technical Information


approx. w: 74″ x l: 25.75″ x h: 59″


20V, 3 phase, needs to be connected to a compressor generating at least 4 bar


360 molds/hour