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Injection Polycarbonate Flat Mold – Small Penguin (6g)

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Product Details

Professional quality CHOCOLATE WORLD injection polycarbonate flat chocolate mold  distributed by Tomric

Injection Polycarbonate Qualities: High impact strength with extreme rigidity

Penguin Piece – 1.3″ x 1.14″ x 0.50″

18 Cavity Total / 275mm x 135mm Format

This mold is considered a “Double Mold” – There are 9 cavities of the front side of the design and 9 cavities of the back side of the design. The cavities can be molded and the chocolate pieces can be “tacked” together to make a full 3D piece.  Or, two molds can be used and clipped together (special clips require) to create a full 3D mold. This will allow our customers to make hollow 3D pieces using two flat molds.

Technical Information


If out of stock: About 3 weeks to order for you

Pieces Per Mold


Cavity Layout

6 x 3

Piece dimensions (in)

1.3 x 1.14 x 0.50

Piece dimensions (mm)

33 x 29 x 13

Weight per piece (oz)


Weight per piece (gr)


Mold Dimension (mm)

275 x 135

Mold Dimension (in)

10.826 x 5.315

Basic Shapes

Pralines / Bon Bon

Novelty shapes



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