Legend R200 Enrober

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Product Details

This Selmi chocolate enrobing unit is mounted on a balancing trolley, allowing it to be easily attached to the tempering unit or stored vertically when not in use. Other features include adjustable belt speed, wax paper take-away, and an adjustable air blower. The Selmi R200 Legend connects directly to the tempering unit for power.

All enrobers ship with two rolls of enrober paper. Additional rolls can beĀ purchased here.


  • Three-section coating belt installed on a tilting trolley.
  • Dripping of chocolate aided by mechanical vibration.
  • Air blower with adjustable air flow to control the dripping of the chocolate.
  • Electronically controlled coating speed.

Technical Information


1,200 x 1,800 x 600 mm


220 V, Single Phase, 60 Hz


200 mm