Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Making

Our New Turnkey Bean-to-Bar Equipment System – Combined with Our Line of Cocoa Beans – Can Produce Up to 175 lbs of Tempered Chocolate Per Day in a Single Shift.


Selmi Bean to Bar Equipment

Artisan bean-to-bar chocolate makers can now use world renowned Selmi equipment to develop their own production facility. We’ve developed a solution for the entire chocolate making process – from roasting, winnowing, and grinding, to refining, filtering, and tempering.

Selmi Chocolate Machinery

Selmi is a premier manufacturer of food processing equipment for the chocolate and confectionery markets, as well as the frozen dessert and coffee segments. Known for their innovative designs and problem-solving approach to customer needs, Selmi continues to be a leader in custom equipment, and is widely regarded as being among the finest chocolate making equipment in the world.

Tomric is the exclusive North American distributor of Selmi Chocolate Machinery.

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See our complete selection of Selmi Bean to Bar Chocolate Making Equipment.


Cocoa Beans from Tomric

To Make Great Bean-to-Bar Chocolate, First You Have to Start with Great Cocoa Beans

We offer four varieties of cocoa beans imported from Nicaragua, specifically for bean-to-bar chocolate makers. Our cocoa beans are pre-sorted, clean, packed in air-tight 5kg (11 lb) plastic bags, and shipped from our US distribution center.

The four varieties represent a range of different flavor profiles suitable for different applications and tastes. They include:

  • O’Payo: an organic variety with passion fruit, coffee, pineapple, kiwi, and tannic notes
  • Tenor: interesting floral notes with hints of red wine, wood, and orange.
  • Chuno Clasico: interesting complex flavor with hints of lime, orange, orange blossom, olive, nuts, and spices.
  • Nicafruity: a blend with a slightly bitter taste while maintaining deep, rich, nutty notes.


We understand how important responsible and sustainable practices are. Our supply partner Ingemann Fine Cocoa helps us ensure our cocoa beans benefit all people involved in the supply chain through training, financing, and higher prices to growers.

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See flavor profiles for each variety, and purchase.

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cocoa beans from Tomric Systems

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