Bean to Bar Chocolate Making

Selmi’s Bean to Bar Equipment Can Produce Up to 175 lbs of Tempered Chocolate Per Day in a Single Shift.

Artisan bean to bar chocolate makers can now use world renowned Selmi equipment to develop their own production facility. There’s a solution for the entire chocolate making process – from roasting, winnowing, and grinding, to refining, filtering, and tempering.

Selmi Chocolate Machinery

Selmi is a premier manufacturer of food processing equipment for chocolate and confections, as well as frozen desserts and coffee. Known for their innovative designs and problem-solving approach to customer needs, Selmi continues to be a leader in custom equipment, and is widely regarded as being among the finest chocolate making equipment in the world.

Tomric is the exclusive North American distributor of Selmi Chocolate Machinery.

Discover Selmi Bean to Bar Equipment

Equipment for the Entire Process

selmi roasting machines, tomric systems

Selmi Roasters

Step 1: Roast the Cocoa Beans

Selmi Roasters uses the patented air cyclone system – vertiflow® to roast cocoa beans, coffee, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, barley, etc. The roasting temperature of the air, as well as of the inside of the product, can be adjusted according to preference to ensure precise processing. The programs can be set to four variable length and temperatures.

Learn more about the 3 Selmi Roasting machines: the Centosei, Centoventi, and the Centodue

Selmi Winnower

Step 2: Separate Nibs from Husks

The winnower combines high functionality with value in bean to bar chocolate making. It’s capable of first breaking up the bean, eliminating the need for an extra manual step. It is outfitted with separate collecting containers for the nibs and husks.

Learn more about the Selmi Winnower >

selmi grinder, bean to bar, tomric systems

Selmi Grinder

Step 3: Crush Nibs Into Chocolate Paste

The rotating pins inside the Selmi Grinder crush roasted cocoa beans (or other dried product) into a gritty paste. This method allows for quick processing of cocoa nibs into chocolate liquor. The final product particle size is reduced to roughly 200-250 microns.

Learn more about the Selmi Grinder >

Selmi Micron & Micron 50 Ball Refiner

Step 4: Mix & Refine Ingredients

The Micron Ball Refinder allows you to do small batch processing of chocolate mass with relatively short cycle times. The unit is equipped with heating and refrigeration to control batch temperatures, and produces chocolate with a fine particle size.

Learn more about the 2 ball refining machines: Selmi Micron and Selmi Micron 50

Selmi Conca

Step 5: Remove Negative “Acidity” & Residual Humidity

The mixer, located at the centre of the heated tank, has the task of continually mixing the chocolate, oxygenating it in order to obtain, within a working cycle of 8 to 12 hours, a homogeneous and flawless mixture.

Learn more about the Selmi Conca >

Selmi Vibro

Step 6: Remove Large Particles

The Vibro removes oversized particles in a bean to bar process in order to ensure a smooth and uniform chocolate end product. The vibrating motion filters out undesirable grittiness that has made it through the winnowing, grinding, and refining stages.

Learn more about the Selmi Vibro >

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