Professional Custom Chocolate Molds

Custom Mold Options for Any Chocolate Maker

We’ve been making professional grade thermoformed chocolate molds for over 50 years. These aren’t your flimsy, one time use hobby molds – these are designed for professional chocolatiers. Made from US-origin, food grade clear polycarbonate, they will last for years. Sure they have a little flex to them, but that is similar to the amount of flex in an ice cube tray.  It has no impact to your design, no impact to the longevity of the mold, and we are able to make them for you quicker and less expensively than the very rigid injection style molds.

We make molds for all sorts of projects for all sorts of people from around the world. From the surge in cannabis infused edibles and their strict labeling requirements to the intricate designs of a bean to bar chocolate maker – we can do it all.


Experts in Chocolate

We don’t just sell chocolate molds – we have a culinary team who have actually worked in the chocolate industry, and understand the real-world challenges you face. They’re here to answer your questions, and help you troubleshoot any problems.

Our experienced team of designers, sculptors, and machinists look for ways to improve and optimize designs intended for chocolate, so you get the best possible result while still allowing it to release from the mold perfectly. It is a level of expertise and care for our customers that you just don’t find at other companies.

custom chocolate mould sculpting - Tomric Systems

Determine Your Project Type

We have 4 options to suit the custom mold needs of any professional chocolate maker.

Choose from our Quickship, Custom Tablet, Full Custom, and Custom Injection Molds. Learn more about each below.

Quick Ship

No one else can match our speed to market at our rates. When you have a project that is a straight forward logo and fits to one of our specified sizes, we can turn projects around within a week at costs that no one else can beat.

Learn More About the Quickship Program

Custom Tablet Program

You know you want a custom tablet or break up bar but need some help on design and ideas. Choose from one of our 9 most common designs, drop in your logo where it fits best, and we are off and running. Our pricing is a flat rate for the creation of your design, tooling, and molds. The best part? We can get you your finished molds in 4-6 weeks.

Learn More About the Custom Tablet Program

Full Custom Chocolate Mold

Whether a detailed design for a bar, bonbon, or your own 3d masterpiece we will work with you to make it come to life in 6-8 weeks. Click to see details on the process, pricing, and sample pictures.

Learn More About Full Custom Chocolate Molds

Custom Injection Molds

If you need custom injection molds for an automated bar molding line, we can help you with the design and prototypes, and we’ll work with the best injection mold companies in the world to have them made to your exact specifications.  Outstanding service from Tomric combined with the best injection molds in the world, all delivered in about 10 weeks.

Contact Us to Inquire About Custom Injection Molds

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