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Product Details

The Selmi Chocolate Depositing Head (Injection Plate) evenly distributes chocolate through multiple depositing ports. Two standard configurations (3 x 7 and 3 x 8) line up with most European-style praline molds.

The Selmi Depositing Head is compatible with the LegendPlus EXFutura EX, and Top EX automatic tempering machines.


  • Quickly attaches to the tempering machine and features an interchangeable nozzle-carrier.
  • Independent heating system, thermo-regulated by two low voltage heating elements.
  • Internal dosage control filter.
  • Mold carrying guide installed on vibrating plate.
  • Change mold configurations by only replacing the lower portion.
  • Can be warmed during work pauses
  • Customize to your needs, up to a maximum size of 275 x 175 mm

Technical Information


3×7 layout, 3×8 layout