Selmi Automatic Demolder

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Product Details

This machine is designed to automatically de-mold chocolate from compatible molds.

It can, as an option, be loaded manually but it achieves a higher productivity rate if combined with the SPIDER cooling tunnel. The molds are automatically de-molded onto a rigid surface at the exit of the tunnel, avoiding manual intervention from the operator. The mat will carry the product to the wrapping machine or to the packaging line.


  • Automatically de-mold compatible molds.
  • Production rate of this machine is 4 molds per minute.
  • The machine needs to be connected to compressed air with a pressure of 6 BAR and 100 liters/minute.

Technical Information


1300 x 1900 x 1100 mm


230 V single phase – 50 Hz.


20/25 degrees C. Maximum 32 degrees C.