Selmi Chocoform

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Product Details

The Chocoform is an innovative machine that works with pressure upon a cylindrical cartridge (made of chocolate and hazelnut, almond etc.) for higher quantities of chocolate production in a certain shape. The cartridges, previously made by pre-crystalizing the recipe into a tempering machine from our EX-range (EX= tempering machine with removable screw for Easy cleaning), will be formed into the chosen shape and size by the Chocoform machine. The Touch Screen panel will show the pressure and all other parameters and according to the settings, a synchronized blade will cut the chocolates to the chosen size. The settable speed will also determine the hourly production.

The Chocoliner machine, consisting of four aligners, is located between the extruder and the coating belt and optimizes the productive capacity of the line.

By making use of an oscillatory motion with adjustable steps the product is sorted into lines, transported towards the coating zone, and subsequent cooling in the tunnel. It should be noted that the entire process is automated and does not require the manual input of the operator, hence avoiding damage to the previously extruded product.


  • Creates uniform and precise shapes
  • Shape and size of extruded products can be customized
  • Easy-to-use touch screen controls
  • Works with Selmi cooling tunnels and automatic truffle machines

Technical Information


55.2” x 47.25” x 92.52”


220 Volt, 3-Phase, 16A


110 lbs (50 kg)