Selmi One-Shot Tuttuno 4

Item Code: a-1575

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Product Details

Create Filled Products in a Single Deposit. Use with molds, or deposit directly on a flat surface. The Tuttuno 4 can be equipt with up to 5 depositing nozzles compatible with 175mm x 275mm polycarbonate molds.

The Selmi Tuttuno One-Shot machine is designed to create filled products in a single deposit. This machine is capable of making filled products in polycarbonate molds including Pralines, Bars, 3-dimensional spheres, and eggs. It is also possible to deposit directly on a flat surface to make filled products such as coins and sticks.

The Tuttuno can be continuously fed with tempered chocolate using a Selmi automatic tempering machine. This machine also features a digital control panel with easy-to-use programs for pralines, bars, and sticks.


  • Easy-to-use programs
  • Digital control panel
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Can be connected to a Selmi tempering machine
  • Up to 5 depositing ports on 40mm centers

Technical Information


approx. 71" x 28" x 63"


220 Volts


Up to 90 molds/hr