Selmi Mold Loader 275

Item Code: a-1475-275

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Product Details

This machine performs automatic filling, scraping off excess chocolate and vibrating of chocolate deposited in poly-carbonate molds 11″ x 7″ (standard 275 x 175 mm). It also can create shells by filling and turning the mold over to empty the excess chocolate. With this machine you can create shells or solid chocolates. The Molding Line 275 is designed to integrate with the Selmi Top EX and TUN 800 by filling and advancing the molds through the Cooling Rail system. The bi-directional cooling tunnel belt returns the filled mold once it has advanced through the upper-level cooling stage. The molds are then returned via the belt to the operator for de-molding and placement back into the Mold Loader magazine. Throughput in terms of weight varies based on the quantity chocolate deposited; molds are advanced at the top rate of 8 molds per minute.


  • Creates chocolate shells or solid bars
  • Digital control panel
  • Stainless steel construction

Technical Information


56.7" x 103.2" x 37"


220 Volts


Approximately 4 molds/minute