Guinness Clover Truffle

February 1, 2016

These truffles are a delicious treat any chocolate fan will love, especially during St. Patrick’s Day.


  • Cream | 238g
  • Glucose | 24g
  • Milk Chocolate | 184g
  • Dark Chocolate | 450g
  • Butter | 38g
  • Guinness | 66g
  • Colored Cocoa Butter, Jade Green CF-3240
  • Praline Mould, Clover I-1113 (or TI-104 from the Chef Collection)


  1. Spray colored cocoa butter in mold using an airbrush.
  2. Allow colored cocoa butter to crystallize and create shells using tempered dark chocolate.
  3. Combine cream and glucose in a heavy gauge sauce pot and bring to a boil.
  4. Pour cream over chopped chocolate and combine with immersion blender.
  5. When ganache reaches 95ยบ F blend in butter and stout.
  6. Pipe ganache into shells and allow to completely crystallize and cap shells with tempered dark chocolate.