Panning with the Selmi Comfit

February 10, 2017

Using the Selmi Comfit to Create Panned Confections

Are you familiar with the Selmi Comfit? Here’s an introduction on how it’s used.

Start with Raw Product

In our demonstration video (see below) we used hazelnuts. Start by loading them into the Selmi Comfit and begin spinning. As the product turns, the Selmi sprayer adds chocolate to the hazelnuts. You’ll notice as they get covered, they start to roll within the Comfit rather than slide. The Comfit allows you to control the sprayer and tell it how often chocolate should be sprayed, working in intervals to ensure that all of the nuts are coated evenly.

Initial Coating

Once the raw product is completely covered in chocolate, remove it from the Comfit and let sit for 24 hours. This allows the chocolate to properly harden and stick to the nut. Test the thickness of the chocolate by cutting one of the coated products in half before allowed them to sit. A good way to tell when the product should be checked is simply by listening. You’ll notice that as the product becomes more coated, the sound from the product spinning in the pan will get quieter.


After 24 hours your product is ready to be polished. Put the hardened, coated product back into a clean Comfit pan and begin the next steps. By adjusting the temperature of the air coming out of the Comfit and the speed of the pan, we can create a smooth and shiny finish. It’s important to constantly check the softness of the coated product so that they don’t stick together. Just like during the coating process, listen to the sound to tell when to check the product.

Adding Shellac and Color

As your products are being polished you can prepare the shellac and color that you’d like to use. Once your products begin to feel plastic-like that is when you know it’s time to switch to cold air and add your shellac and color. Slowly add each of these one at a time to ensure even cover. Once they are coated, remove them from the Comfit, package them up and enjoy!

Watch Our Demo Video