Selmi One-Shot Tuttuno ICE

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Product Details

The One-Shot Tuttuno ICE is a simultaneous depositing machine suitable for making ice-cream/frozen desert-filled products in a single operation: pralines, snacks, ice cream biscuits on a polycarbonate or acetate mold, single-portion double-flavor verrine, boules, chocolate eggs, and three-dimensional products. The ICE injects chocolate and ice cream fillings in different percentages, producing in a single operation, the external chocolate shell, and the inside of the product. A tempering machine, located behind the dispenser feeds the chocolate in a continuous cycle by recirculating it on the pump body. The filling is manually inserted through the thermo-regulated hopper. An intuitive touchscreen control panel allows you to manage all the functions of the machine.

  • Note: we recommend that the molds be hand fed for the best results, but in special circumstances, you can use an automated mold loader.
  • Note: unit does not make, mix, or pasteurize ice cream.   You must have an ice cream machine.  You must also use a modified recipe when using this machine – you cannot use standard ice cream and gelato recipes. Our team will help you with this.
  • Note: like all ice cream products, you must have separate blast chillers and freezers to finish and hold the products once deposited.


  • 4 nozzles across on 40mm centers
  • Comes with two different sizes of nozzles (11mm and 8mm)
  • Max deposit per piston is 30g chocolate, 50ml of ice cream
  • Thermo-regulated hopper for the filling with patented cooling system
  • All digital touchscreen controls

Technical Information


approx. 63" x 70.9" x 27.6"


o 220v, 16 amp (60hz)
o Single Phase / NEMA 6-15P plug


About 2 molds per minute (depending on the product)


Plus EX, Futura EX, or Top EX not included in price