Selmi Roaster Centosei

Item Code: A-1560M

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Product Details

The Roaster Centosei was designed to work on a continuous cycle of automatic processing. It has a tank capacity of 6 Kg and can roast 40 Kg of coffee or nuts per hour It uses an original and exclusive air cyclone system, a versatile technique for the roasting of coffee, hazelnuts, almonds, and pistachios.

The machine has a number of programs that control the heating temperature of the air used for roasting via the probe at the heart of the product which identifies the correct roasting time, cooling time, and the final automatic discharge of the products.


  • Roasting with a unique patented Vertiflow® air system
  • Integrated peel collecting tray (extractable)
  • Cooling system
  • Touch screen display
  • Needs a source of compressed air
  • Electrical requirement: 220V – 3-phase

Technical Information


approx. 27.56" x 49.5" x 66" (L x W x H)


220V – 3-phase


13 lb (6 kg)


20 – 40 min. for cocoa beans
15 – 18 min. for coffee
10 – 12 min. for dried fruit