Selmi Wall Fountain

Item Code: A-1590

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Product Details

The Wall Fountain is a creative and enticing way to bring the sight and smell of fresh chocolate into the retail environment. The Wall Fountain circulates melted chocolate and creates a “waterfall” effect that is sure to attract the attention of your customers.

The unit comes with LED lighting to accent the waterfall effect and can be operated either as a stand-alone unit or as a built-in fixture. The Wall Fountain has a self-contained heating and circulating system that is easily maintained.


  • Portable design: structure on wheels
  • 2 square meters of wall covered with chocolate
  • Easy to clean & sanitize

Technical Information


approx. 39 x 22 x 104 (1000 x 550 x 2650 mm)


220 Volts, Three-Phase, 16 Amps


53 lbs (24 kg)