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Bean to Bar Training with Tomric

We’re excited to host a hands-on, bean to bar chocolate making workshop in our very own test kitchen, working with our line of Selmi equipment.

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How to Use Magnetic Transfer Molds

Molding with transfer sheets is a quick and easy way to create colorful, eye-catching chocolate pieces. This technique combines cocoa butter transfer sheets with a magnetic transfer mold.

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Enrobing Chocolate with Selmi

Selmi’s chocolate enrobing machines offer a precise, repetitive process that ensures an end product with a consistent weight and thickness. Learn how to set up and adjust a Selmi enrobing unit in our 2 part video series.

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Panning with the Selmi Comfit

Are you familiar with the Selmi Comfit? In our demonstration video we show you how to create panned confections easier than ever before.

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