Enrobing Chocolate with Selmi

chocolate enrobing, selmi equipment from Tomric Systems

Make Your Best Enrobed Chocolate

Designed for Demanding Chocolatier

Enrobing chocolate with Selmi machines offer a precise, repetitive process that ensures an end product with a consistent weight and thickness, as well as a uniform chocolate coating and finish. Selmi’s problem-solving approach to customer needs and focus on building machines that are innovative and intuitive have made them widely regarded as the best chocolate equipment in the world.

Initial Set Up

In this video, we look at how to set up a Selmi R200 Chocolate Enrobing Machine. We’re connecting it to a Selmi Plus EX tempering machine, but the unit will also work with the Futura EX or Top EX models as well. The Selmi Legend R200 works with the Legend tempering machine as well.

Making Adjustments

In Part 2, we look at the various adjustments that can be made to the enrobing machine. With an array of adjustables, Selmi enrobing machines give chocolatiers the control, accuracy, and consistency they need to ensure the final product has the right thickness, weight, and finish they’re looking for.

Selmi enrobing machines allows you to adjust the:

  • velocity of the airflow
  • height of the blower
  • tapping of the belt
  • detail rod
  • tracking of the paper

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  1. tamer khoury

    what setting do you recommend for the speed and blower for the R200 for enrobing ganaches no to thin or thick and dates

    • Tomric Staff

      Hi Tamer, thanks for your great question. We usually like to start with both settings at 30 and then adjust from there as needed. Try reducing the blower speed but increasing the tapper, and you may get better results for enrobing ganache squares. If you have more questions, we’re always happy to help!

      • Tamer khoury

        Does the enrober a and b with the heating symbol heat specfix parts of the enrober ?

        • Mike Odrzywolski

          Hi Tamer, The fold up enrobers from Selmi (R200 / R250) do not have heating elements in the enrobers. The enrobers that are attached to the cooling tunnels however have heating for both below and above the enrobers. Any other questions give us a call or send us a quick email… http://tomric.com/contact-us/