Selmi R600T

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Product Details

The R600T is specifically designed to attach to the Selmi Tunnel 600 but can also be connected to an existing cooling machine. The 600-meter stainless-steel belt is divided into two parts: the loading section and the coating section, both of which are protected by a special cover. The R600T’s unique design has four independently thermoregulated resistances located in separate operational zones. The belt and the blower are controlled for easy and precise control.


  • Equipped with a touchscreen panel
  • 600mm working width
  • Electronically controlled heating lamps and resistances
  • Ability to set the velocity and functionality of the air blower
  • Electronically controlled tail-cutting roller
  • Equipped with a plexiglass cover

Technical Information


w. 1400 mm, d. 1400 mm, h. 1350 mm


400v 3-phase 50/60 hz