Selmi Tunnel 300/400

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Product Details

This Selmi Enrobing Unit cools chocolate-enrobed and molded goods using an air diffuser located along the whole length of the cooling chamber. Productivity speed ranges from 12 – 78 in/min (30 – 200 cm/min). Stainless steel construction, equipped with a double chocolate curtain, loading and operating section and a blower to remove excess chocolate. The chocolate enrobing belt speed works independently from the cooling tunnel belt speed.


  • Built-in Enrober
  • All digital touchscreen controls
  • Digital controls for belt speed, heaters, and force of the air from the air knife
  • Speed adjustable from 100cm (39.3”) per min to 2m (78.7”) per min
  • Cooling system designed to create an environment from 48F to 63F

Technical Information


w: 33.46″ x l: 9.84′ x h: 61″


220V, 3 phase (400V, 3 phase, 50 Hz)


7.87" (200/250 mm)