5 Ways to Grow Your Artisan Chocolate Business


A growing trend in many cities is the rise of small, artisan boutiques that offer handmade or curated products. This trend has made its way to the chocolate business in the form of Artisan Chocolate Shops, sometimes called Craft Chocolate Shops. But just having delicious, well crafted chocolates is only half the battle. Now you actually have to get people to buy from you so that they can truly understand the difference between you and the mass produced candy you can get at any gas station.

Here’s 5 Ideas to Help Grow Your Artisan Chocolate Shop

1. Custom Orders

Offering customized chocolates for special occasions like weddings, graduation parties, and anniversaries is a great way to grow your business. People are willing to spend a little more if it means they’re going to have something extra special and memorable for their big day. Just make sure you set clear deadlines for how much time you need to fulfill orders, otherwise you could have a big mess on your hands.

2. Host or Participate in Tasting Events

You can host a chocolate and wine pairing event at your shop or even collaborate with a local wine bar to hold an event at their location. Either way, you’ll benefit from the marketing and advertising efforts of the business you’re partnering with, creating a win-win.

3. Run a Friends & Family Special Event or Discount

Offer your friends and family a free or discounted tasting night because, let’s face it, most of them are probably asking for free samples anyways. But don’t stop there – in order for them to get free sweets, make them bring a guest – allowing you to showcase your offering to a new group of people, creating future customers. A really great way to maximize the effectiveness of this type of event is to host this during the holiday season – people will buy stocking stuffers during the tasting!

4. Run a Pop Up Shop

Seek out other local businesses to partner with and exchange pop up events. This is a great way to cross promote brands and engage with customers you might not normally get a chance to interact with.

5. Corporate Discounts

Offering corporate discounts is a great way to get high volume business as well as promote your offerings at scale, because they’re going to use their purchase as gifts for employees and clients. Including coupons for them to distribute along with the gifts is another good idea and a great way to earn to extra foot traffic.

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