5 Trending Chocolatiers in North America

As North America’s largest selection of chocolate molds, Tomric is constantly working with some of the best chocolatiers in the world. We serve chocolatiers, chocolate makers, and pastry chefs with our line of equipment, packaging, tools, utensils – and over 3300 chocolate molds.

Although we provide them with the right tools, the chocolatiers themselves are the masterminds behind the highest quality chocolate creations from around the globe. We’ve taken some time to highlight a few of the shops in North America that have established themselves as true trendsetters and are raising the bar for our industry.



Easton, PA | Clinton, NJ


Jean-Paul “JP” Hepp, Founder and Co-Owner of Chocodiem, takes chocolate very seriously. After all, he’s Belgian!

Chocodiem was started in 2012. They now make small-batched chocolates by hand in a state-of-the-art kitchen in Clinton, NJ, using no preservatives — only premium chocolate discovered throughout his travels to various parts of the world on a quest to find the best cacao beans. While this artisan approach results in a higher cost than most mass-produced chocolates, JP wants to appeal to discerning customers who enjoy first-rate chocolates following Belgian standards.

“Belgian chocolate is considered to be the gourmet standard by which all other chocolate confections are measured. What makes Belgian chocolate unique is the quality of the ingredients and an almost fanatical adherence to Old World manufacturing techniques. Most Belgian chocolate is still made by hand in small shops.”

Prior to their pursuit in making some of the most acclaimed chocolate in the U.S., JP and his daughter/Co-Owner, Eveline, both obtained degrees in Belgium at the University Antwerp studying Biology (Ecology). JP applied his Ph.D. degree in the pharmaceutical industry for over 23 years, before finally venturing into the kitchen to pursue his real passion: chocolate. The classes, training, and dedication by both JP and Eveline have earned them the title of master chocolatiers.

They take great pride in merging their experiences in both art and science to discover unique flavor combinations guaranteed to delight their customers.

“Dessert Professional Magazine recently recognized him as one of 2016’s Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America. The award honors Chocolatiers “whose craft is distinctive and has elevated the chocolate industry.”

– The Morning Call

Visit the Chocodiem Website


Dallas, TX


Kate Weiser began her chocolate career with an Executive Chocolatier position at Chocolate Secrets in Highland Park. While there, she was able to experiment and create a style of chocolate making that was new to the Dallas area. Her hand-painted chocolate collection and artistic style quickly gained attention and excitement through the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

“For me, chocolate is the most challenging and rewarding medium in the culinary arts. It is a never ending learning experience and my true passion.”

After 4 years of perfecting her chocolate craft, Kate created her own chocolate company – Kate Weiser Chocolate, in Trinity Groves in August 2014 and has since expanded her brand to Northpark Center as well as a Holiday Pop Up shop at the Shops at Legacy.

She was named Top 10 Chocolatiers in North America by Dessert Professional Magazine in 2014 and continues to push boundaries to create new and unexpected ways of enjoying chocolate.

Visit the Kate Weiser Chocolate Website



Toronto, ON


Stubbe Chocolates based in Toronto, ON is a family-owned boutique chocolate and pastry shop. Chef Daniel Stubbe is a sixth generation konditor and owner of Stubbe Chocolates & Pastry. With over 20 years of continuous operation in the city, Chef Stubbe is a veteran in the gourmet chocolate and pastry industry and a leader in the Toronto market.

Growing up in Meppen, a small German town, Chef Stubbe spent his formative years playing in the kitchens of his family’s konditorei, surrounded by sweets and pastries. Chef Stubbe attended culinary school and apprenticed throughout Germany while he built upon the knowledge that had been passed down to him by his father.

Chef Stubbe would soon join his father, who had at this time immigrated to Ottawa, Ontario and opened a shop in the Byward Market. When the time came to strike out on his own, Chef Stubbe headed west to Toronto. His goal was to bring contemporary twists and flair to traditional European and Stubbe family recipes and offer Torontonians a gourmet chocolate and pastry experience.

Using Stubbe family recipes that have been passed down for generations, Chef Stubbe and his team aim to combine the flavors of the traditional European konditorei with modern chocolate-making techniques to create their signature treats.

“On January 26th, 2018, Chef Stubbe is excited to announce that he will release his signature Verliebt and Verspielt chocolates. The dark and milk chocolates are exclusive to Stubbe Chocolates & Pastry.”

Visit the Stubbe Chocolates Website



Blue Ridge, GA


Chocolatier Paul John Kearins started cooking and baking when he was 8 years old. Born in London, Paul studied English literature and Fine Art and was the only boy and the only student to study cookery at high school. After a successful graduation, he continued to follow his passion for the beauty of food at the prestigious Cassio School of Patisserie. Here, he nurtured his passion for the art of sugarcraft and chocolate.

A career in pastry and chocolate followed, both in London and in Amsterdam where he was a part of the chocolate innovation of Puccini Bomboni, until his departure from The Netherlands in 2006.

Since then, Paul has been developing a style all his own. His outside-the-box approach to his craft and humorous manner set him apart from the rest. His first book Chocolatasm Volume One – Easy Does It has been received with much enthusiasm all over the world.

“My goal is to provide unsurpassed, exciting flavor combinations whilst upholding the unique identity of the chocolate. Chocolatasm bonbons are all chocolate hand-blended ganache which is complemented with fresh fruits, spices, and infusions enveloped in a layer of highest quality chocolate.

I feel the natural identity of the chocolate should be preserved both in flavor and visually which is why there are no colors added to my creations.”

Visit the Chocolatasm Website




Brooklyn, New York

FINE & RAW Chocolate is an artisanal, next level Bean-to-Bar chocolate factory lead by chocolatier, Daniel Sklaar. Daniel grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa before moving to NYC to pursue a career on Wall Street. After feeling unfulfilled in this professional life, Daniel decided to start his own chocolate business in 2008.

Their mission is simple:  Save the world through silliness and chocolate (artisanal, of course).

FINE & RAW was started in a notorious Williamsburg, Brooklyn artist loft. Daniel launched into making small chocolate batches and sharing them with friends. He then started delivering them on his bicycle to fine local purveyors.

It was apparent that the chocolate was borderline addictive and then he learned the natural benefits of raw chocolate…so he kept making the chocolate and going deeper down the rabbit hole of what craftsmanship and dedication to the mastery of this tasty art is.

FINE & RAW is setting a new standard for artisinal chocolate. They take advantage of coconut sugar (specifically chose as it enhances the rich, deep flavors of cacao) that has more nutritional value than cane sugar. Daniel preaches the value of using plant-based ingredients!

“You must follow the nature of all things magical to make good chocolate. Chocolate is the artful balance of developing magic in flavors and food alchemy.”

Visit the FINE & RAW Chocolate website.

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