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Selmi’s chocolate enrobing machines offer a precise, repetitive process that ensures an end product with a consistent weight and thickness. Create product with a uniform chocolate coating and finish. Selmi’s problem-solving approach to customer needs and focus on building machines that are innovative and intuitive have made them widely regarded as the best chocolate equipment in the world.


Unparalleled Control and Accuracy

With an array of adjustable controls, Selmi Enrobing Machines give chocolatiers the control, accuracy, and consistency to make their best enrobed chocolate.

Selmi Chocolate Enrobing Machines

Selmi R200/R250 Foldup Enrober

Available in two different widths (200mm or 250mm), this Selmi Chocolate enrober works with the Legend, Plus EX, Futura EX, Top EX tempering machines.

This Selmi chocolate enrobing unit is mounted on a balancing trolley, allowing it to be easily attached or stored vertically when not in use. Other features include adjustable belt speed, wax paper take-away and an adjustable air blower. Additional 220 volt, single-phase electrical connections are required for this machine.

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Selmi R200/250L Enrober

A longer version of the fold up R200/250 enrober that provides you more working space to increase production. Available in two widths (200mm or 250mm) and works with the Legend, Plus EX, Futura EX, Top EX and Cento.

Versatility and Efficiency

Famous for their easy to use intuitive controls, Selmi’s chocolate enrobing machines work with the Plus EX, Futura EX, Top EX, and Legend tempering units.

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